Welcome to The Myth Retold!

This blog, with its name inspired by C.S Lewis’ book Till We Have Faces, is all about the search for Beauty in my own life–through my family, my writing, and the other lovely things that makes this life so sweet.

A Little Introduction

DSC_0574My name is Carissa, and I am a Long Island girl married and living as a Catholic missionary with a handsome Clevelander with an impressive beard and huge heart. We are currently living in Birmingham, AL and we dream of raising ducks and children in a home filled with music, literature, and prayer. We are overjoyed to welcome our first child this winter.

I enjoy walking in graveyards and chasing sunsets and I secretly wish I could be a professor at Hogwarts.

I also believe in the great power our words, those both written and spoken, have and I believe that we as members of this (wonderfully messy) human race have the opportunity to breathe Truth, Beauty, and Goodness into others and into the world through them. That is why I write.

I graduated in 2014 from a small Liberal Arts school just outside of Pittsburgh with my Bachelors degree in Writing and Communication Arts, and graduated with my Master’s degree in English Education in 2017. I am now a blogger and a freelance writer.

My writing has been featured on Heart of Mary: Women’s fellowship , Spoken Bride, theYoungCatholicWoman and its accompanying book Insights Vol. II. Check it out!

I love connecting with readers, other writers, and all around awesome people, so please head over to the “Contact Me” page and reach out. I would love to hear from you!



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