7QT–Catching Up

I am linking up with Kelly for a round of Seven Quick Takes (7QT). I came across Kelly’s blog quite recently and really appreciate the community she had formed there.


1. Proud Wife Moment

Ben was invited to be a guest on EWTN’s Life on the Rock to talk about his mission with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) and what its like to be a missionary on a college campus. He did an awesome job! (He is much better at public speaking than I am, and totally rocked it).

Catholic Priest and FOCUS missionary on set of Life on the Rock television show

The episode will air on November 19th at 8pm Central time. You can watch it on television or here.

2. Sniffles and Sneezes

Despite valiantly fighting off the cold that seemed to plague everyone at the Catholic Student Center, I woke up on Thursday morning with a sore throat and stuffy nose. I hate being sick and for some reason a cold is the worst. Maybe its because I am not sick enough to justify only resting, but its also very difficult to focus when your head is in a fog. If anyone has any pregnancy-safe cold remedies, I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Help a sick mama out!

3. Pregnancy Update

As of yesterday, I am 31 (?!!) weeks pregnant. I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy seemed to fly by (I mean, maybe not during that morning sickness phase but the rest of it seemed like a mere blink of an eye). We are nine-ish weeks away from meeting our little girl and are so excited to get to know her. I am slowly ticking off items on my pre-baby “To-Do” list, and am making good progress!

4. Good Music

If you have never heard of Alanna Boudreau, you are missing out on some serious beauty in your life. Her music marvelously captures the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty of the Creator and she is one of the loveliest souls I have ever met.

a0156869218_16Our family recently contributed to her Kickstarter campaign to help fund her upcoming album (due out this Spring/Summer) and we look forward to hearing some new original songs from her. Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised to find a link to her new LP in my inbox. This LP includes three original songs and several (excellent) covers of songs like The Wallflower’s”One Headlight” and Sting’s “Fields of Gold.” Listen to it here.

Also, be sure to check out her other albums and support this incredible artist!

5. Praying for the Dead

Today, we went with a group of other Catholics to a nearby cemetery to say  a rosary for the Holy Souls. Especially during this month of remembrance, I am struck by the great unity in the Church and its members–whether they be part of the Church Militant (those still here on earth), the Church Suffering (those in Purgatory), or the Church Triumphant (those in Heaven).

cross headstone in cemetary


 6. November Goals

I LOVE setting goals for myself and if you look at my planner (which perhaps we will take a look at in another post), I set goals for myself daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Here is a look of some of my goals for this upcoming month; check back another day to see how much I accomplish!

  • Finish setting up the baby’s nursery (aka the corner of our bedroom–any other 1-bedroom apartment families out there?!)
  • Read the two novels I took out from the library
  • Catch up on writing letters and thank you notes
  • Propagate some succulent cuttings (Some of my succulents are getting WAY too big)
  • Plan and take a hike with Ben, Ambrose (our dog), and my sister
  • Prep for our Angel Tree project at the Catholic Student center

7. ISO Community

As I begin my pursuit in blogging more regularly and building up this blog, I am really looking to find a community of some kind among other bloggers. Any suggestions of where to start? Leave a note in the comments!!



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