Letters to Autumn

Dear Autumn,

I find that the month of October has slipped by without me even realizing, and it seems you are nearly gone without saying even so much as a hello. It was a month full of exciting and major changes that, on one hand, can’t come quickly enough but also won’t slow down even if you occasionally wish them to.

It seems like you would understand that, Autumn. Do you ever wish to slow down the changes you were making? Are you ever afraid to take the plunge into the newness? Even though you believe the world would be more vibrant for it, how can you be sure?

When I was in New York or Ohio, you always came fiercely knocking on the door whether I was ready for my world to be shaken or not. But down here, you’ve taken southern living to an ethereal plane with your overly-calm, overly-hospitable arrival, forcing me to take it easy…which sometimes makes me more anxious. Where there was once a spectacular display of your beauty, you now shyly share your true colors only with those who are really looking. Slowly though, I see that old familiar boldness returning and I can’t help but smile because, as you and I both know, the world will never be the same.

I’ve missed you, Autumn. Please stay a while.


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