Thankful Thursday 9/9-9/22

  1. Early mornings at Pepper Place Market
  2. Local honey, looseleaf tea, and succulents in cement pots
  3. A tiny and jubilant Colombian Nun and her love for the poor
  4. Homemade blackberry mead (and the patience that comes with making it)
  5. Dinners with new friends
  6. Returning to Narnia once again
  7. Slumber parties and Fishbowl
  8. Quiet nights at home with the girls and a fluffy little dog
  9. Apple and Peach pies and homemade potato chips
  10. A [finally] clean bedroom
  11. Simon and Garfunkel emanating from our speakers
  12. A skype call with a lovely friend
  13. The homecoming from my husband after his weekend in the wilderness
  14. To Be or Not To Be: A Choose your own Hamlet Adventure and giggles during long sleepless nights
  15. Waking up slow

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