Thankful Thursday 8/5-8/17

  1. Benjamin and I creating our little home that is very “us”
  2. The opportunity to serve the students at UAB, Samford, and Birmingham-Southern as Campus Minister of St Stepehen’s the Martyr Catholic Chapel.
  3. The Little Prince and the catharsis after a good, well-deserved cry.
  4. Handwritten letters
  5. Phone calls with old friends
  6. Watching a lightening storm move in from a wooden porch
  7. Late night laughs at the BBC’s adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia
  8. The beautiful sight of the “Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama” sign after an 11 hour drive
  9. Delicious sweet tea and good BBQ just down the street
  10. Ryan and his generosity ad he hosted us for our first days in Bama
  11. Help from wonderful people to move our furniture

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