Thankful Thursdays

Ben and I have recently read a book by Alice Von Hildebrand in which she discusses her husband’s philosophy of love. One thing that struck us (and something we’ve talked about at length since then) was this:

Pleasure in itself is not evil…But the great task of a truly Christian education is to baptize pleasure, to receive it gratefully as a gift, and not to claim it as a right. There are legitimate pleasures [which call for] gratitude. //Alice von Hildebrand

So in an attempt to be more aware and more thankful of the lovely gifts God has put into my life, I bring you Thankful Thursdays! Each week I will share what I am grateful for. This week I am thankful for:

  1. Laughs shared with my household sisters.
  2. The rekindled love and passion for writing, particularly for the enjoyment and magic brought to me in my story of the 25th hour and the mysterious time collector.
  3. Rainy days and warmer weather
  4. The sights and sounds of Latin mass on a Sunday morning
  5. The opportunity to teach one of my favorite books to my students.
  6. Delicious chocolate mocha beer brewed by my fiance and his best man.
  7. Graveyard picnics.
  8. spiritually edifying talks with the love of my life.
  9. The soreness of callous forming again on a barefoot walk.
  10. Vintage skirts and corduroy jackets.
  11. The heartache that comes from suffering with the Beloved; the longing to be with Christ on this night.



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